Abandoned Property: Landlord Beware

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Whether you are a seasoned landlord with valuable management skills or a first-time landlord, the issue of eviction or abandonment could be an issue you have to face. The issue of abandoned property appears in two contexts. On one hand, a landlord could face the issue when the tenant has abandoned the property altogether by leaving for an indefinite period of time without giving notice. On the other, a landlord could face the issue when the lease has expired or been terminated yet the tenant fails to take all of his or her possessions with him. What are your rights and responsibilities as a landlord in each situation?

Escrow Disputes: From Escrow to Interpleader

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Escrow agents are a fundamental tool in the practice of business and sales, however their use could lead to disputes rather than successful transactions. Take a contract for the purchase and sale of a property for example. This transaction is simple on face, but that is true only if the parties act as they agreed. A money deposit is placed into escrow and an agreement is made that the money is to be delivered to the designated party upon the performance of another condition or event, for example the relinquishment of the seller’s property rights. If the parties act according to their agreement, then the escrow agent is merely an intermediary in the deal. However, problems arise when parties do not perform as planned.