Buying or Selling a Business: Experience Matters

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Buying or selling a business is a risky venture if your not familiar with how the process works. The best way to safely navigate through the process is to surround yourself with experienced professionals. Step one: find an experienced business broker. Your broker is your best source of information on your market. They will help you obtain all the information you …

Protecting Commercial Property From Liens Arising Due to Tenant Improvements

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Commercial landlords and property managers should be familiar with Florida Statutes § 713.10, when it comes to protecting a property from the liens arising from work done to the property by a tenant. Recent case law illustrates what other protective measures can be taken by a landlord or property manager when it comes to improvements by tenants, especially if those improvements are required under the lease or if said improvements constitute the “pith of the lease.” 14th & Heinberg, LLC, vs. Henricksen & Co., Inc., 877 So.2d 34 (Fla. 1st DCA 2004)