Escrow Disputes: From Escrow to Interpleader

January 7, 2012
Escrow agents are a fundamental tool in the practice of business and sales, however their use could lead to disputes rather than successful transactions. Take a contract for the purchase and sale of a property for example. This transaction is simple on face, but that is true only if the parties act as they agreed.…

Is your foreign judgment enforceable in Florida?

November 2, 2011
More and more frequently I speak to judgment creditors with a judgment issued by a state or country other than Florida. The process of registering that judgment in Florida is called domestication. Once domesticated, the foreign judgment is given full faith and credit and is enforceable by Florida courts to the same extent as a…

Lien for Improvements, Not Maintenance

August 10, 2011
Our office represents a number of contractors whose work includes maintenance. Whether it's a lawn service, landscape contractor, pool contractor, or general contractor, I am often asked the question: Can I lien a job for maintenance work? Florida law requires that in order to have lien rights, the contractor (lienor) must have "improved" the property.

Buying or Selling a Business: Experience Matters

August 10, 2011
Buying or selling a business is a risky venture if your not familiar with how the process works. The best way to safely navigate through the process is to surround yourself with experienced professionals. Step one: find an experienced business broker. Your broker is your best source of information on your market. They will help you…

Protecting Commercial Property From Liens Arising Due to Tenant Improvements

January 26, 2011
Commercial landlords and property managers should be familiar with Florida Statutes § 713.10, when it comes to protecting a property from the liens arising from work done to the property by a tenant. Recent case law illustrates what other protective measures can be taken by a landlord or property manager when it comes to improvements…