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Question: How can I enforce a judgment issued by a court in my home state/country against a person or entity located in Florida?

Florida Courts recognize the principal of full faith and credit from the United States Constitution and permit the enforcement of a judgment issued by another State or Foreign country’s court as a Foreign Judgment. The process of registering a Foreign Judgment for enforcement is known as domestication and is a prerequisite to enforcement of a Foreign Judgment.

In order to enforce a Foreign Judgment issued by a court outside Florida, certain requirements must be met. Generally speaking, the Foreign Judgment must be recorded in the county where enforcement is sought. Once the Foreign Judgment is recorded there is a stay of enforcement for thirty days for the judgment debtor to object to the recording of the foreign judgment. If no objection is made, the judgment is considered fully domesticated and is afforded all the same rights and enforcement privileges as a Florida issued judgment. It is at this point that the Foreign Judgment may be used to obtain a writ of execution in order to enforce the judgment.

Do you have a judgment from a state or country other than Florida and wish to enforce it against a Florida person or entity? If so we may be able to assist you in collection of your judgment. Please see the menu item, Contact, to the left and call or email to get in touch with an attorney for further assistance.

  • Domesticate a Foreign Judgment anywhere in Florida
  • Enforce a judgment in Pompano Beach, Florida
  • Enforce a judgment in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Enforce a judgment in Deerfield Beach, Florida
  • Enforce a judgment in Coral Springs, Florida
  • Enforce a judgment in any other city in Broward County, Florida

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